About Me

Bonjour fellow food lovers! I am Laetitia (or Laeti). I am from France and currently living in beautiful South California. I have a passion for food, photography, travel, languages and books. I love trying new things (especially recipes) and learning about different cultures.

When I travel, I usually plan my itinerary depending on the best restaurants and bakeries around. It drives my husband crazy but, in the end, he is happy to sample the best of each city.

As a French native and baker, I am passionate about authentic-tasting French pastries. I started my blog because I wanted to share my love for the artisanship of baking. With time, I noticed not only did I love baking but also sharing recipes from over the world.

Having traveled and lived in several countries, my recipes, while being French at heart, are influenced by my experience around the world.

When I am not cooking or baking, I connect the world with words. I have been in the translation industry for over 8 years now and enjoy being able to create a bridge between countries and cultures by the mean of translation and localization.

I hope you enjoy my recipes! Feel free to contact me if you have any feedbacks or suggestions.

Happy eating!

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