My Easter Bunny – Adorable Easter Recipe

Looking for a fun project to do for Easter? Download My Easter Bunny recipe and make your own at home:

Click here to access the downloadable link

My Easter Bunny is an adorable bunny shape cake for Easter. It is very easy and quick to prepare and will wow your guests.

It also can be a fun projects to make with kids. Have them help you mix the dough by hand, help them cutting the shape (depending on their ages), and the best thing, let them unleash their creativity and decorate the bunny the way they want.

Now for the story, did you know the Easter Bunny tradition comes to us from Germany around 1700? German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania back in the days are told to have brought the tradition with them. The kids would prepare nest for the “Easter Hare” to hatch and hide multicolored eggs for them to discover around their homes on Easter Sunday. With time, the colorful eggs were replaced by chocolate, candy and gifts.

In honor to our Bunny, and to delight kids and adults alike, let’s make this delicious Easter Bunny cake!

The recipe is totally free! I made a PDF format for this one, just click on this link.

I hope you enjoy making it! Please tag me on your creations on Instagram

I can’t wait to see your creations!

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