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I have always loved cooking with my mother as a kid, and I developed a passion for baking with the years. I was lucky to work with great pastry chefs a few years ago and this really fired up my passion and since then I can’t stop looking for techniques, recipes etc.

I love baking because I love to share. There is nothing better than sharing a slice of cake with someone and see their eyes glow with love. Because for me, pastry is love.

I hope you will like my recipes and try them at home! I love feedbacks, so don’t hesitate to drop a comment!

I have some sweet recipes for you ..

Like this amazing cookies filled with caramelized hazelnuts and a yummy praline paste.

recipe caramelized oinion tart

… as well as savory

Like this yummy caramelized onions tart. So pretty you will wow all your guests.

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chocolate financiers

Chocolate Tiger Financiers, easy to make recipe

Have you ever heard of the chocolate Tiger Financiers? It is a very popular pastry from French Chef Cyril Lignac. The composition is very simple, a chocolate chip financier and a chocolate ganache hiding crunchy chocolate pearls. It might be this simplicity that makes the Chocolate Tiger Financiers so yummy. Or maybe the combination of […]

homemade granola

Homemade Granola for a healthy breakfast

After looking at the amount of sugar in store-bought granola, I decided to make my own homemade granola. Another factor pushed me as well: I feel like the store-bought granola are never the way I like them. There is never enough pecan (I love them!), the chocolate taste bad (I am picky), there is cinnamon […]

cookies hazelnuts

Caramelized Hazelnuts Cookies with Praliné

La recette en français est ici I love cookies, especially caramelized hazelnuts cookies with praline. It is impossible to find them around here, so I finally decided to bake them myself. And because I am also a big fan of chocolate, I decide to throw some chocolate chips in there.   I remember my first […]

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